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Class of 1959

The Pier - Quincy, IL

August 7, 2004

24 Classmates Attended

Front Row
Kathleen Duncan Gelhaar Anita Shippey Duffy
Maureen Caley Hare Janice Appledorn Miller
Nancy Daugherty White
Second Row
Larry Cornwell Judith Evans Koehler
Carolyn Leading Dedert Marcia Nightingale Dedert
Mary Ellen Carolan Rand Carlene Frese Fee
Karen Muegge Meyers Conard White
Jerry Houdyshell
Third Row  
Richard Agard Leigh Conover
Gary Hemming Larry Tanner
Lanny Burke Richard Bradbury
Wayne Myers Larry Beverly
Grant Baecker LaVern Shaffer


Some Photos at the Reunion

Girls on the Left, boys on the right

Okay, now let's mix.

I know that Gary was making an important point, but I think Christy has dozed off.

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