Welcome to a Portfolio of my Carvings

Home Up Steelhead Trout Peregrine Falcon Hummingbird Pair National Treasure Coho Salmon 2008 Bluegill 2008 Tundra Swan Sockeye Salmon Bison Bull Eagle 2005 Old Filling Station Mia Gone from the Prairie II Prairie Icon Infinite Beauty Angel Northern Pike On The Road Back Home Bison Spirit Perched Eagle Diving Bald Eagle Running Fox 2003 The Odd Couple Foxes 2002 Whitetail Fawn Eagle 2000 Cougar 2000 Trout Artic Visitor Great Horned Owl Florida Panther Alaskan Wolf Gambel Quail Sockeye Salmon 1999 Bison Bust Arrowhead 1998 Whitetail Deer 1998 Majestic Prowler 1998 Bluebirds 1997 Wild Turkeys 1997 Youth of America 1996 The Catch 1996 Waterworld 1996 Prairie Relief 1996 Moose & Wolves 1996 Eagle Relief 1995 Mammals 1995 Eagle 1995 Bluegill Sunfish 1994 Cross & Shroud 1994 Smoke Spirits 1994 The Sentry 1994 The Escape 1994 Pheasants 1994 Death's Door 1994 Cougar on Rock 1993 Mammals 1993 Foxes 1993 Campfire Stalker 1993 Early Birds Red Fox 1993 Seascape 1993 The Chase 1993 Snowy Owl 1993 Early Carvings Snowy Owls 1992 Three Wolves 1992 Eastern Bluebird 1992 Hummingbird 1991

The carvings are presented in a reverse chronological order of creation.  A larger image of each picture of the carving can be observed by clicking on the picture.  To return to the carving page, click on the Back button of your browser.  Other details are provided such as size, awards received and availability.  Enjoy.

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Last edited by Larry W. Cornwell on November 04, 2014