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Christmas in Morton - December 2010

Sara, Larry, Laurette, Bhuvan, Marcus, Ana, Krista,Todd, Nicholas, Lucas, William, Mia,
Jacob, Shelly, Jeff, Heyden, Brent,  and Dimitra

Christmas in Morton - December 2009

Todd, Mia, Shelly, Jeff, Ana, Krista, Marcus, Bhuvan, Lucas, Nicholas,
Heyden, William, Dimitra, Brent, Laurette and Lucas

Sara and Larry in front

Christmas in Morton - December 2008

Sara, Larry, Krista, Nicholas, Todd, Bhuvan holding Ana, Jacob, Laurette, Dimitra, Marcus, Brent, William and Lucas

Christmas in Virginia - December 2007

Jeff, Mia, Ana, Shelly, Heyden, Lucas, Krista, Marcus, Nicholas, Larry, Sara, Todd & Bhuvan  Picture taken at President James Monroe's home (Ash Lawn)

Christmas in Morton - December 2006

Larry, Sara, & Jim (In front).   Jeff, Shelly, Todd, Ana, Marcus, Krista (holding Ana), Heyden,
Bhuvan (holding Lucas), Lucas, Nicholas, Brent, Laurette, William, Mia, Dimitra & Jacob (on stairs).

Christmas in Morton - December 2005

Larry, Sara, Jim, Todd, Jeff, Shelly, Heyden, Ana, Mia, Krista (holding Ana), Marcus, Lucas, Bhuvan (holding Lucas), Nicholas, Jacob, Dimitra, Laurette, Brent, and William


Thanksgiving in Valle Crucis, North Carolina - November 2003

Larry, Bhuvan (holding Lucas), Jeff, Shelly (holding Mia), Todd
Sara, Dimitra (holding Jacob), Brent, Krista (holding Marcus)
Heyden, Laurette, William, Nicholas

Thanksgiving in Morton - November 2002

Shelly (holding Mia, Heyden, Nicholas, William, Marcus (on bench), Laurette and Jacob in high chair.

Christmas in the New House - December 2001

Larry, Sara, Mia, Bhuvan, Nicholas, Shelly, Krista, Jeff, Marcus, Heyden, Laurette, Dimitra, Brent, William, Jacob and Todd


Camping at Straved Rock State Park - May 2001

William, Laurette, Sara, Jacob, Heyden, Mia, Larry, Marcus and Nicholas

Heyden's 2nd Birthday - October 2000

Todd and Mia
Bhuvan and Marcus
Nicholas and William 
Dimitra and Laurette

Summer in South Haven, Michigan - 2000

Shelly and Sara
Nicholas, William, Heyden, Bhuvan and Brent (behind Bhuvan)
Krista and Marcus
Dimitra and Laurette

Christmas at Galena '99

Evelyn and Jim at top
Brent, William and Sara
Laurette and Dimitra - Heyden and Shelly
Bhuvan and Nicholas
Larry, Krista and Marcus, Todd and Jeff

Summer in Lakeside, Michigan 1999

Standing - Krista holding Marcus

Sitting - Shelly, Sara holding Heyden, Brent holding William and Dimitra holding Laurette

Sitting on floor - Larry holding Nicholas

Christmas 1998

Michelle, Jeff, Heyden, Sara, Larry, Todd, and Bhuvan

Brent, William, Dimitra, Laurette, Evelyn, Jim, Krista, and Nicholas

Last edited by Larry W. Cornwell on November 04, 2014