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In 1983, Lucy Cornwell (my mother) enrolled in a course, "Writing Your Memoirs", at John Wood Community College in Quincy, Illinois.  The manuscript from this class is found below.  The original manuscript was hand written (no typewriters or computers were available to her).  I have attempted to transcribe those hand written notes into an electronic form.  If you find any errors or typos, please share those with me at rockcreekcarvings

We are very fortunate that she took on this activity before she passed away on Thanksgiving, 1984.

Larry W. Cornwell


My Memoirs
Lucy Wood Cornwell
1902 - 1984


Chapter 1 - Earliest Childhood Memories (Webpage) (Word Document)

Chapter 2 - Rural School Memories (Webpage) (Word Document)

Chapter 3 - Other Memories of My Life in Ellington Township (Webpage) (Word Document)

Chapter 4 - Genealogical Information Pertaining to Our Families (Webpage) (Word Document)

Chapter 5 - The Move to Augusta (Webpage) (Word Document)

Chapter 6 - Cornwell and Heitholt Families (Webpage) (Word Document)

Chapter 7 -  Life on the Dayton Ranch (Webpage) (Word Document)

Chapter 8 - Living near Marblehead and on South 12th (Webpage) (Word Document)

Chapter 9 - Farm Life in Ursa Township (Webpage) (Word Document)

Chapter 10 - Life after Leaving Sandridge Farm (Webpage) (Word Document)

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