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Class of 1959

This page has been constructed to record the history of reunions of the Class of 1959.  If you have any corrections, additions or pictures please contact me at webmaster@rockcreekcarvings.com

1964 - 5th Year Reunion
Picnic in Mendon Park

1969 - 10th Year Reunion
Starlight Terrace - Quincy, IL
Picnic in Mendon Park

1979  No Reunion

1974 - 20th Year Reunion
Holiday Inn - Quincy, IL
Picnic in Ursa Park

1984 - 25th Year Reunion
Windmill - Golden, IL

1989 - 30th Year Reunion with
classes of '58 & '60

Rodeway Inn - Quincy, IL
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1994 - 35th Year Reunion
Knights of Columbus - Quincy, IL

1999 - 40th Year Reunion
Chandlers - Macomb, IL
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2004 - 45th Year Reunion
The Pier - Quincy, IL

2009 - 50th Year Reunion
Spring Lake Country Club - Qunicy, IL

2014 - 55th Year Reunion
The Patio - Quincy, IL


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Ursa Grade School 3rd and 4th graders

Lima Grade School 8th Grade Graduation

Mendon Grade School 8th Grade Graduation

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