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Gourds may be ordered from Rock Creek Creations by phone (309--263-2249) or email (rockcreekcarvings) .  Before you make an order please contact us to verify that the specific gourd you want is available or when it would be available.  Payment arrangements will be made during the contact. 

Please be aware that no two gourds are exactly alike nor is any of our artwork the same as one that you may observe in this website or at an art show.  Each piece is an original piece of art and not a copy.

Prices for gourds are listed with their picture.  Shipping will be figured when the order is placed.  Approximate shipping costs are:  1-2 gourds - $15.00 and 3-4 gourds - $20.00

Listed below are different themes of the gourds created by Sara and Larry.  Click on a link to go to the page of photos.  Once you move to a page you can click on the photo for a larger image.


Christmas Gourds

Leaf Gourds

Miniature Gourds

Native American Gourds

Southwestern Gourds

Wildlife Gourds


Email at cornwell@rockcreekcarvings.com

Last edited by Larry W. Cornwell on November 04, 2014